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You are walking across the street in the morning and observing everyone around you walking like a pro athlete at random. On the other hand, you are walking like a tortoise and get exhausted repeatedly. You might be thinking about how they walk frequently having no stress shown!

What kind of rules or method are they following? Yes, they are following a significant rule to make their running incessant. Our body is designed to walk and run, but if you only choose to run at random, your body will not assist you to achieve the mark. You will get exhausted frequently.

Galloway or ‘Run-Walk-Run’ method is the one way you can try to walk more extended period. It was invented by Jeff Galloway, who is an Olympian. He trained over thousands of walkers and runners to uplift their running performance. He generally pointed out the walkers and runners for the fast run and not slowing down after a significant amount of time.

Below I discuss the Galloway method with details to give you a right hand and to assist you to run at a good pace.

What is the Galloway method?

What is the Galloway methodIf you are wondering about how a technique can help to walk a reasonable rate of speed maintaining the energy and effort then Galloway method you can think about at first. Though Galloway invented the technique, he is not the sole creator of run-walk routine. He made the method ways and concept famous.

The idea behind Galloway

His concept behind the method is, running continuously will systematically bring you to hold your knees, but if you have an interval in the running and choose to stroll in between then, it will bring your muscle stress at an average level. You can do regular workout during interval if you follow this method without any fear. By following this method, many people get the benefit to run even faster day by day.

About the creator of the method

About the creator of the methodThe inventor of ‘Run-walk-Run’ method is Jeff Galloway. He was born in Raleigh, North Carolina. In 1972 he realized the dream of participating in Munich Olympic and held the record of a 10-mile marathon. When he was completing college degrees in history and social studies, he spent the whole summer competing on the racing circuit. Then he had a one year break for teaching.

He then had a plan to open a store only for runners to help them with accessories. He established over 35 stores nationwide. Let’s see some significant points over creating Galloway method-

  • He found this method in 1973 for the beginner runners
  • He established Galloway Training Program
  • His store has employees over 20 years of experience
  • He is a speaker taking session 200 times per year to motivate runners
  • His method help runners improve their finishing time
  • His method help overcome the runner’s fatigue

Scientific Explanations Behind Galloway Running Method

Scientific Explanations Behind Galloway Running MethodThere has been a lot of analysis for Galloway running method. Research has shown significant results behind the run-walk-run method. When you run a more extended period, you will feel cardiac stress, and you will feel exhaustion to keep yourself continue running.

Run-walk-Run strategy keeps your heartless stressful. While you are running and in the meantime, you started to pace slowly or to work out then your cardiac will tremendously improve from the stressful situation. Running more extended period increases the heartbeat rate and raises the chance of cardiovascular related problems.

Following Galloway method will ease your work and decreases the critical biomarkers associated with cardiovascular problems.

Running for a more extended period increases your blood pressure, and your heart rate elevates quickly. You need a space to take rest, or you think about stop moving for a while, and then you take rest, but later ultimately it makes you feel boredom of getting back to the track.

So, what’s the reason behind your boredom? While you are on the run to reach your goal, you determine about getting the actual target. Later, when you feel tired especially when it is hot summer days, you feel exhausted in quick succession. If you slow down for a while and give your body to get more oxygen or allow your body to get aerobic, then you can continue the later part of your running.

Hence, it will help you to recover from exhaustion and keep yourself continue to run even more.

What are the principles of Galloway running?

What are the principles of Galloway runningWhen you jog around in the morning, you can see people are using a stopwatch to remind them of a specific time. Later, they put their hands in the air and slow down their walk. You ask yourself what the reason behind it are?

The reason is they are using a particular method to train themselves and concentrate more into the exercise to keep doing it for hours without much effort. They are following a Run-walk-Run method or Galloway method to work out harder. Here are the principles behind the Galloway method-

  • Frequent use of muscle will make you exhausted
  • More you run, more you become fatigued
  • Run-walk-Run is an interval training
  • Resource conservation
  • Quick recovery from the particular situation
  • No stress on the ‘Weak Links.’
  • Enjoying endorphins
  • Core body temperature reducing

These Galloway principles will help you recognize the point of Run-Walk-Run methods.

Frequent use of muscle will make you exhausted

If you run for a long time, you will become tired and lose the interest in running or even walking anymore.

More you run, more you become fatigue

If you think running continuously will make you satisfied, then you are in the wrong direction. It will make you feel boredom, and even you may lose curiosity to run later.

Run-walk-Run is an interval training

You first start running, and then after a few minutes, you take an interval for walk or exercise for a while and then start running again when you feel better.

Resource conservation

Galloway strategy makes you conserve the strength and stamina when you give it an interval.

Quick recovery from the specific situation

Intervals in the running will make you avoid certain dangerous conditions like injury and fatigue.

No stress on the ‘Weak Links’

Your body is the construction of sturdy and weak joints and bones. When you give an interval in the running, your body will get enough time to rest and conserve strength for the next work.

Enjoying endorphins

Endorphin is body hormones which provide strength and send a signal to the nervous system for effective bodywork and reduce pain when you stop running.

Core body temperature reducing

When you run for a significant amount of time, you will get the increased temperature in your body. Taking intervals between runnings will let you have less stress and reduce body temperature.

How Does the Galloway Method Work?

How Does the Galloway Method WorkNewbie or a master runner, you need Galloway method to improve your running and endurance. Some runners use this method to enhance their overall running and convert it into an extra mileage. Some use it to reduce body pain and injury risk.

Doing the Galloway Method

Run-Walk or Galloway methods don’t require much effort. Just follow the points below-

  • Warm-up with 5 minutes walk
  • Warm-up Exercise
  • Run for a short time (Less than 2 minutes)
  • Walk for 6 minutes

Secondly, carry on the process until you get to your ultimate goal. If you Run-walk-run for 21 minutes, you can do the procedure with three sequences. Calculate the Run-Walk ratio 1:6. 1 minute for running and 6 minutes for walking.

Thirdly, if you run continuously and prioritize the running part than walking, you will get exhausted quickly and lose curiosity in walking. So, step in between your run.

Fourthly, you can set the timer for your walking and running. Get a stopwatch which will signal you about the timing you set for walking and running.

In fifth, don’t make your interval too long so you won’t get bored of running and walking and your cardiovascular system will work effortlessly. If you take rest too much, you will lose concentration on walking.

In the sixth, expand your running time than walking. As you are in a particular goal to reach and want to exercise an insignificant amount of time, you should think of increasing your running time. It will take you to your daily target in less time.

In seventh, when you can succeed in a long time running, don’t think you have to get rid of the Galloway method. Professional runners use this technique in training and races to recover from muscle pain and quickly get tired.

Using the Galloway method during races

Using the Galloway method during racesDuring the competition, you can do the same intervals that you did in training. Professional athletes run more extended period during races and take 30 to 40-seconds of walk break. You can continue this procedure if you are in a race. Follow the steps when you start racing-

  • Sort your time duration for running
  • Take 30 to 40 seconds of walk break per mile or kilometer
  • Start running again
  • Repeat the steps

Make sure you practice well enough to get ready for the race, and if there are other racers behind you, you should first watch your back when you stop. Athletes may have collision towards you when running fast. Just keep yourself on the other side of the road and take a walk break.

Walk and Shuffle Intervals

Walk and Shuffle IntervalsWalk and shuffle interval is another way to improve your running. Running at random will take you to the endless pain of muscle. Later, you may lose concentration on running. Walk shuffle intervals allow you to walk effortlessly without any trouble. So, what is the ‘walk and shuffle’ interval?

Walk and shuffle is a slow walking process which allows a runner to go beyond longer distance. In this process, you will run for a short time followed by start walking; you will not typically move your legs and hands slightly move it slightly less than usual.

In a word, you are going to short striding without much movement and without spending much energy. Let’s see when you should use shuffle-

  • Shuffle before you get tired
  • To recover your muscle strength
  • Take more shuffle than running

How to use shuffle breaks efficiently

  • As a beginner, you should shuffle more than running.
  • Walk for 2 minutes and shuffle for 30 seconds, if you find it helpful then continue
  • If you have muscle and body pain, walk for a minute and scrape for 20 seconds
  • When you feel your legs and body gets recovered from illness, reduce shuffle
  • If you are an experienced runner, you should also get a shuffle for 30 seconds at least
  • The more you shuffle, the more you get the benefit

The benefit of using Walk and Shuffle

  • Extending the capacity of run-walk
  • Remove fatigue by keeping your pace and attempt level accurate
  • Enabling your body to keep up with the marathons with no injury
  • Help to recover from unwanted pain and sore
  • Allow extended 40-50 minutes of exercises
  • Speeding up the recovery
  • Put you feeling good enough to carry other activities

Run-Walk-Run Ratios

Run-Walk-Run RatiosGalloway recommends Run-walk-Run ratio for the runners and walkers based on your pace per mile. These are effective for both training runs and marathon runs. Galloway technique is always up to the mark to lessen the possibility of injury.

The ratio for this technique is always useful for distant running. Galloway uses rate for this technique to show his followers the proper way to use his method. Below I’m going to show his method’s rate provided by Galloway.

For Runners

If you are a runner, there is an explicit instruction for you. Long runs should be as a minimum of 2 min/mi, slower than your standard goal. Whether it is a half or full marathon, you need to keep following.

Temperature factor

If there is increasing temperature, you should follow the standard procedure for the ratio. Reduce running time, 30 seconds per mile for every 5 degrees of temperature increased. Always try to take breaks frequently.

For walkers

After usual 2 to 4 minutes of walking, take 30 seconds to shuffle breaks from the commencement of walking.

Below are some recommended ratios for both beginners and experienced runners –

  • For 12min/mi runner – you should run for 2 minutes and walk 1 minute
  • For 10-11min/mi runner – you should run for 3 minutes and walk 1 minute
  • For 9:30 min/mi runner – you should run for 4 minutes and walk 1 minute
  • For 9min/mi runner – you should run for 4-6 minutes and walk 1 minute
  • For 8:30 min/mi runner – you should run for 4 minutes and walk 30 seconds
  • For 8 min/mi runner – you should run for 4 minutes and walk 25 seconds
  • For 7:30 min/mi runner – you should run for 4 minutes and walk 20 seconds
  • For 7 min/mi runner – you should run for 4-5 minutes and walk 15 seconds

You can switch the timings for your needs. If you are an experienced runner, do less walking and run more.


  • Rehydrate yourself after a long walk
  • For hot weather, you should drink more
  • While you talk or in conversation, your breathing shouldn’t be intense

How does the Galloway Method work for beginners?

How does the Galloway Method work for beginnersIf you are a beginner in the Run-walk method, you need to realize that professional runners will show you respect if you are still not able to run towards your target. If you are starting for the first time, you shouldn’t be ashamed of your running skill. Just do what it takes with Run-walk intervals.

Galloway technique works flawlessly due to its run-walk interval. Whether you are a rookie or an expert, you will love to work with the Galloway method. It increases your oxygen intake, burns calories and helps to carry on towards your target. It also reduces your risk of injury.

For a mile or 5k running for beginners
  • Run 15-30 minutes per session
  • Oxygen intake peaks between 30-90 minutes of exercise
  • You can increase your exercise time as a new runner
  • During use, your muscle and breathing will improve
  • If you follow up to this, you can extend your training session
  • Intervals increase your body fitness and reduce injury chances
  • Don’t just run all the time when you are starting as a runner
  • You burn more calories when you walk faster than running at a good pace
Walk/Shuffle breaks for beginners

Walk/shuffle breaks will drastically improve running for both beginners and experienced runners. You might be wondering what shuffle breaks is?

Shuffle break is a running where your body moves your legs and hands slightly differ from the usual running or slowly. Let’s see how walk/shuffle breaks help beginners-

  • Walk/Shuffle enables you to increase the endurance
  • Decrease fatigue
  • Conserving resources
  • Don’t take the more extended slowdown
  • Shuffle for a quick session enables you to go a longer distance

How does Galloway Method work for experienced athletes?

How does Galloway Method work for experienced athletesThe veteran runner also uses the Galloway method to recover from a specific unwanted situation. Experienced runners become proud to see the improvement in their training when they work for the run-walk method.

The run-walk method still needs to implement effectively for experienced runners. See some points which help athletes to get rid of a specific situation when doing Galloway method-

  • If you are back from injury, you need to use the Galloway method for safer running
  • Take a 1-minute break for every 10-15 minutes running
  • Taking break rapidly will allow you to keep running for a more extended period
  • You can call it ‘Recovery run.’
  • Running faster with injury will make you’re running miserable and painful
  • Take a walk or shuffle breaks as you go
  • Other than injury you can continue as you would
  • Follow the Galloway method to avoid future mishaps

Sure it might knock your ego for a bit as you are an experienced runner but using and following the recovery run or using Galloway method for a more extended period will help you on the long term.

Can you stop following the method once you start? 

Can you stop following the method once you startAs the time goes, beginner runner will start to feel that they no longer need Run-walk method anymore. They will begin to think the necessity of the run-walk method is outdated and their run gets relentless as the day goes and it goes past the 30-40 minutes mark.

All runners don’t have the same body and strength. You need to create the endurance for a long walk or run. When runners gain the patience, they start to improve and reach their goal within a specific time.

Experienced runners improve their running or racing time even beyond their goals. If they want to run for 4k, then they need 30 minutes Run-walk. You may want to be ready for your first time 7k in 3 weeks time.

When you become fitter and set your goals high enough, you need to train more to gain your target. Once you feel you can achieve your goal every day without any intervals, then you can think of using Galloway method less time.

But the thing is you will surely need Galloway method occasionally to reduce your chances of getting muscle pain and keep going.


The most important part of getting benefitted from Galloway method is you can avoid injuries while you are on the run. While you are planning to run and set your goal to reach in time, you will get in trouble for sure due to fast running. Timing your run, focus on method and get going again.

As Galloway method explains all the procedures from a way to run-walk and from shuffles to run-walk ratio, it should get followed accurately. I can ensure that you will never get discouraged from this method.  Over thousands of people are using this method. So, unquestionably Galloway method will help you in many ways.

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