How To Longboard: A Complete Guide For Beginners


Longboarding, skateboarding, these are all similar types of sports. Unlike skateboards,  What you see in the case of a longboard is bigger wheels and bigger trucks. And because of these different features, this sports equipment offers better speed, free riding, and easier sliding. And what is more advantageous about longboarding is, beginners quickly grasp the longboarding tricks compared to skateboarding. If you are interested in longboarding, mastering longboarding tricks requires only purchasing a longboard and some free time at hand. And, of course, you need to read this useful post about how beginners would start to ride longboards.

Find an Ideal Longboard

Before start practicing, your first step is finding a suitable longboard. Choosing a longboard depends on the intention of your longboard riding. Here, three possibilities come into play. These are doing you want to cruise around your neighborhood, do want some freestyle riding or do you want to enjoy some freestyle riding? For each of these desires, longboards with some distinctive features are necessary.

If your plan is cruising around your neighborhood, one specific type of longboard is available for this purpose.  It is called a cruiser longboard. The cruiser type features a rounded trail and a pointed nose. Another type of cruiser is also available which is called pintails. The nose of pintails is sharper than other types of longboards.

Downhill skating requires traveling very fast. If your purpose is downhill skating, one type of longboard is available for you which is called a speed deck or a speed board. These longboards feature narrow trails and heads with blunt ends.

Freestyle riding of longboard involves skating downhill and showing different longboarding tricks. This style of riding is favorite to many longboarders. The longboards that come with narrow tails and heads with symmetrical shapes are ideal for freestyle riding of a longboard.

Wheels are an important factor when it comes to finding a suitable model of a longboard. Generally, the wheels of longboard have square edges making them better fit for skating on the flat surfaces or smooth hills. However, rounded shape wheels are also available to skate on a surface that has many carves. Another type of longboard wheels is beveled wheels. If the skating area has a lot of twists and turns, beveled wheels make skating a pleasurable experience.

Another important thing about wheels is longboard wheels and skateboard wheels are different. So, it is possible to substitute skateboard wheels with longboard wheels or vice versa.

Protective gear

Although longboarding is not an extreme sport like mountain riding, you need to collect a few important gears to practice or ride a longboard safely. Below is a list of items that you need to collect before hitting a skating park

  • A safety helmet
  • Skateboard shoes
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads and
  • Slide gloves

Determine Whether You Are Goofy or Right

There are two styles of longboard riding. These are regular and goofy styles. If you skate by placing your right forward on the longboard deck, it is called the goofy style of longboard riding. If you skate, on the other hand, by placing the left foot forward, you are following the regular style of longboard riding.

To determine whether you are a regular or goofy style of rider, stand on the longboard freely. And then request someone to shove you forward without giving any signal and notice which foot you subconsciously use to keep your balance on the longboard. Whichever the foot you put to catch the board is the one you want to lead the skateboard.

After determining your riding style, find a flat surface and try riding the longboard around it a couple of times. Feel the smoothness of the concrete as the wheels of your longboard rolls over the surface. Make sure that you feel comfortable before accelerating your pace.

Fix Your Stance

Place your two feet between the longboard trucks. The truck part of a longboard is the part that holds the wheels.

This is one of the stances you can use while riding a longboard. Get comfortable with the stance before attempting to try other stances.

Practice how to keep balance while riding a longboard

Find a gentle slope and roll down it slowly while you are on the longboard. Familiarize yourself with the longboarding experience. Bend your knees and use your arms to control your balance.

A Few Important Safety Rules for Beginners

  • Worn a nicely fit helmet all the time
  • Besides helmets, other protective gear like knee pads, elbow pads, and hip pads also must be worn.
  • Put on closed shoes made of suede or leather
  • Wear a mouth guard to protect teeth.
  • Ride the longboard where traffic is thin and is obstacle-free.
  • If you fall, don’t panic and roll over to minimize the falling impact.
  • Do not attempt to perform tricks that are beyond your longboarding skill level.
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