How to start running- an effective aerobic exercise with multiple health benefits

how to start running


Are you thinking about starting to run? Don’t think anymore. Kick-off your running program from today.

We encourage you to start running since it can change your life. It will help you make friendships with new people. Running will clear your mind. It is a good aerobic exercise that will reduce your stress and depression and help you sleep well at night. Running is a good breathing exercise that will strengthen your lung’s muscles. And, the most interesting thing about running is there is no age barrier to start a running schedule.

This is why running is enjoyed by millions of people of all ages and cultures. How to start running is a common question of many fitness enthusiasts to their personal trainers. Often they (personal trainers)  try to answer the question by writing useful articles regarding starting a running program for beginners. However, here we also wrote an article on the same topic with our own thoughts. Let’s start…

Get motivated

It is the usual thing that beginner runners often get excited when they first start running. It is like they will get a good physique like Usain bolt- the world’s fastest runner soon. But soon many new runners cannot maintain the same spirit due to either their busy lifestyle or switching to another workout program.

So, in this situation, the thing that will keep their running interest alive is motivation. Without motivation, many of them will discover that running is a tiresome experience that needs to replace with a less physically demanding exercise like skateboarding.

However, the good news is there are a couple of effective strategies by which you can keep you motivated to stick to your running program. One such strategy is finding and joining a running group. You will find different types of running groups in your local park.

One group could be, for example, a group of people of different ages who are preparing to participate in a charity event fundraising running competitions. At the beginning of your runner’s life, staying with them will keep you inspired to go to the park or ground each morning and run with them to leisurely a mile or even more.

Another motivational strategy of many runners whether new or experienced is listening to music. Many people find that listening to music during many workouts including running keeps them energized. But keep in mind that running with headphones may break your concentration and if you run on a road that is also used by cyclists that chances of an accident are not highly unlikely. So, the good practice, as a beginner runner, run with caution while putting a pair of headphones on your ears.

Keeping a running log is also a useful motivational strategy. The log will be a simple record of how long you run on a specific date. It (log) will help to track your progress and motivate you to improve your running performance in terms of the continual increment of your running length.

And the last motivational strategy is using social media like Facebook. Post regularly on Facebook that you have started running and currently you can run a mile without taking any break. And, you are trying to increase your running length. Seeing these posts your followers on Facebook will praise you to continue your effort. So, posting on Facebook is a good motivational strategy.

Warm-up your body with a simple exercise

No doubt, running is a simple exercise that requires no special gear other than a pair of good-quality running shoes and your willingness to leave the comfortable couch. But, you need to warm up your body before you actually start to run. In this regard, simple walking starting from 15 minutes to an hour for the first few days will be a good start. Walking may sound simpler than running but walking habit will get ready your bones,

muscles and tendons for the next relatively more rigorous exercise-running. If you don’t warm up the body with simple walking, chances are high that if you start running abruptly, muscle pain resulting from the sudden running exercise will send you home soon.

Start running

When you don’t experience any pain in your leg muscles, it means your body is fully prepared to run. But, don’t devote all the time to your daily workout routine for running. Allocate half an hour for walking and half an hour for running with low speed like you are jogging.

A few useful tips for you as a beginner runner

If you are a middle-aged man with a BMI of over 35 and suffer a cardiac arrest at any time of your life, consult with a physician before starting running.

Get useful gear

A good pair of running shoes is a must-have running accessory that we have already mentioned. Also, you must wear a pair of quality socks with running shoes to prevent nasty blisters. Wearing a running watch GPS feature will also be helpful but not so necessary and will be expensive too. And, lastly, if you are a woman runner wearing Nike’s product like Nike’s women’s sports bra with women’s tights will make your running more comfortable.


Running is an inexpensive workout where willingness to start running is the only driving factor to inspire someone to become a good runner. We expect that if running is not included in your daily routine yet, you will incorporate it pretty soon.

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