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Once my good friend asked me jokingly, ‘Movies run on the theater, where do the running movies run?’ I didn’t quite get his point. But, watching movies like Running Brave, Forest Gump or the documentary like ‘The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young,’ I suddenly realize those movies run through our vein. It may a bit exaggerated note, but the world has seen a lot of running oriented movies to motivate people to commit running as either a profession or daily pursuit. You get it right! This article is all about running movies, about the best ones actually.

Running has come as the center plot of the movies we are going to talk about. The inspiring and thrilling tales will take you to a world of motivation, thrill, and enjoyment. Let’s dive into the world of running movies with the following mentions!

Hollywood’s Top Inspirational Running Movies

Hollywood has been in the business of making inspirational movies over the decades. Running movies is definitely one of them. Movies like Chariots of Fire, Without Limits or The Jericho Mile can take out the runners or any other people from their frustrated life. Motivation is what they can give us through the reel. In my rundown, following are the Hollywood’s top inspirational running movies of all time.

Chariots of Fire

Charriots of fireThe movie was set in the post- WWI era. It centers around two British athletes competing in the 1924 Summer Olympic in Paris. Britons Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell are both normally talented quick sprinters. However, running fits into their separate lives in an unexpected way. Harold was the child of a Lithuanian-Jew. In spite of a lot of barriers, he manages to overcome the anti- Semitism and class prejudice. And he competed against the ‘Flying Scotsman,’ Eric Liddell in the 100-meter race.

Eric was a child of a Christian evangelist. His family didn’t approve his plan to pursue competitive running. But, he wanted to compete in running before returning to work as a missionary. He considers running as the way to glorify God. In 1924 Paris Olympic, Liddell refused to participate in the 100-meter race because his Christian convictions didn’t allow him to run on the Christian Sabbath (Sunday). Despite many criticism and pressure, he stood his ground. On the other hand, after a heavy loss in the 200-meter race, Abrahams participated in the 100 meters and won the gold medal. However, Liddell came back winning the gold in the 400-meter race.

The Takeaway for Runners

The story is itself an inspiration for the runners. The runners of this movie have some magnificent story and profound messages that are very important these days. The dilemmas of Liddell between his passion and religion, the selfless gesture of Lord Lindsay and the fight of Abrahams against the establishments juggle around our mind. No matter the cost or barriers, no men intended to compromise on their values. If you stay honest, focused, and courageous you will achieve your goal. Thus, it’s one of the best running movies of all time and also a piece of inspiration for the runners.

Top Quotes

Quote#1: You can glorify God by peeling a potato if you peel it to perfection. (Eric Liddell)

Quote#2: Everyone runs in her own way, or his own way. And where does the power come from, to see the race to its end? (Eric Liddell)

Quote#3: I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure. (Eric Liddell)

Fast facts about the movie

Chariots of Fire
Release Date30 March 1981 (Royal Command Film Performance)

15 May 1981 (United Kingdom)

DirectorHugh Hudson
ProducerDavid Puttnam
Key actors/ performersBen Cross

Ian Charleson

Nigel Havers

Cheryl Campbell

Alice Krige

Lindsay Anderson

Dennis Christopher

Nigel Davenport

Brad Davis

Peter Egan

Sir John Gielgud

Ian Holm

Patrick Magee

Wins54th Academy Awards (Best Picture, original screenplay, best costume design, best original score)

35th British Academy Film Awards (Best film, best actor in a supporting role, best costume design)

1981 Cannes Film Festival (Prize of the Ecumenical Jury- Special Mention, best supporting actor)

39th Golden Globe Awards (Best foreign film)

25th Grammy Awards (Best Pop instrumental performance)

London Film Critics’ Circle (film of the year, screenwriter of the year)

National Board of Review Awards 1981 (Best film, top ten films)

1981 New York Film Critics Circle Awards (Best Cinematography)

Toronto International Film Festival (People’s Choice Award)


Nominations54th Academy Awards (Best director, best supporting actor, best film editing)

American Movie Awards (Best supporting actor)

35th British Academy Film Awards (Best editing, best cinematography, best actor in a supporting role, best direction, best original screenplay, best film music, best production design, best sound)

1981 Cannes Film Festival (Palm d’Or)

Budget$5.5 million

Running Brave

Running breveThe 1983 film Running Brave is the story of Billy Mills. He was a North American Indian and brought up on the reservation. He destined against all the odds to become a winner from an underdog. In 1964 Tokyo Olympic, Billy Mills came from obscurity to win the 10,000m event. Moreover, it was one of the biggest upsets in the Olympic history. In addition, Billy Mills is the only American to achieve this feat.

This move is all about Mills’ determination to better the best. The stereotypical approach towards his origin couldn’t bring him down in the track of his life. With sheer determination and courage, Billy came from the third place to win the gold medal. In this process, he also overtook the world record holder Ron Clark.

The Takeaway for Runners

Like all other running movies, inspiration is the thing what runners can feel in every sequence. It’s not only about running or winning at the process but also Mills’ fight against the establishments. His integrity and determination, however, made him the ultimate winner. Destiny may put you in any place, but it’s your courage and motivation that will pull you up from there.

Top Quotes

Qoute#1: ‘My life is a gift to me from my Creator. What I do with my life is my gift back to the               Creator.’ (Billy Mills)

Qupte#2: ‘Now he thinks he almost got you! You gotta crush him, so he knows you’re better!’ (Coach Bill Easton)

Quote#3: Pat Mills: Are you really going to run in the Olympics?

Billy Mills: Sure, why?

Pat Mills: Oh, because everyone here says they’ll do things and never do them. You’re really doing something.

Fast facts about the movie

Running Brave
Release Date4 November 1983
DirectorD.S. Everett
ProducerIan Englander
Key actors/ performersRobby Benson

Pat Hingle

Claudia Cron

Jeff McCracken

WinsNo Awards
NominationsYoung Artist Award (Best Family Motion Picture- Drama)
Budget$8 million

Without Limits

Without limit‘I don’t run to see who has the best endurance; I run to see who has the most guts. I know that is me.’ This is a famous quote from the American distance runner Steve Prefontaine. The running movie ‘Without Limits’ is the biographical sports film on Steve Prefontaine. It is a tale of a colorful character that is immensely talented but had a life that ended too soon.

The film follows the life of famous American distance runner Steve Prefontaine and his relation with the legendary coach Bill Bowerman. Steve had a controversial but colorful life. He died only at the age of 24 in a car crash.

The Takeaway for Runners

The runner can actually learn a lot of things from this running movie. Steve’s character tells us that only talent can give you the free pass of winning anything. Hard work, determination, discipline will take you through the finishing line. On the other hand, guts and courage are also very important for any competitor. The confidence and self-belief will indeed give you the power of overcoming any obstacles in life.

Top Quotes

Qoute#1: ‘Running, one might say, is basically an absurd past-time upon which to be exhausting ourselves. But if you can find meaning, in the kind of running you have to do to stay on this team, chances are you will be able to find meaning in another absurd past-time: Life.’ (Bill Bowerman)

Qupte#2: I’d like to work it out so that at the end, it’s a pure guts race. If it is, I’m the only one who can win it. (Steve Prefontaine)

Quote#3: I don’t want to win unless I know I’ve done my best, and the only way I know how to do that is to run out front, flat out until I have nothing left. Winning any other way is chicken-shit. (Steve Prefontaine)

Quote#4: I can endure more pain than anyone you’ve ever met. That’s why I can beat anyone I’ve ever met. (Steve Prefontaine)

Quote#5: It’s the hardest thing in the world to believe in something if you do it’s a miracle. (Steve Prefontaine)

Fast facts about the movie

Without Limits
Release Date11 September 1998
DirectorRobert Towne
ProducerTom Cruise

Paula Wagner

Key actors/ performersBilly Crudup

Donald Sutherland

Monica Potter

WinsGolden Satellite Award-1999 (Best actor in a supporting role)
NominationsGolden Globe Awards- 1999 (Best actor in a supporting role)

National Society of Film Critics’ Awards, USA- 1999 (Best supporting actor)

Budget$25 million

The Jericho Mile

The Jericho MileThe story is about a convicted criminal Larry Murphy and his days in the prison. He was serving a life term in prison for the first-degree murder of his father. He was a loner having only one friend, a black inmate named Stiles. Larry spent his time running in the prison’s track and eventually got the attention of the inmates and the authority. They wanted him to compete in the Olympics. However, Larry was resistant to the idea.

When he started training to be an Olympics competitor, a bunch of twisted events barred him from the selection in the American running team. That included the murder of Stiles and Larry’s confrontation with the US Olympic Board. As a matter of fact, he didn’t get a chance in the team. However, in prison, he runs to break the record set by Davies, who got chance in the Olympic team ahead of Larry.

The Takeaway for Runners

Larry proved the universal truth that nothing could stop you if you have the talent and determination. Although, he didn’t get a chance to compete in the Olympics he fought to prove himself for his own satisfaction. Determination, integrity, and courage what the runners can get inspiration from the movie.

Top Quotes

Quote#1: I’m gonna nail you. Stiles was my brother. (Larry Murphy)

Quote#2: I’m looking at a dead man! I’m talkin’ to a dead man!

Quote#3: They say I shot him over and over.

Fast facts about the movie

The Jericho Mile
Release Date18 March 1979 (USA)
DirectorMichael Mann
ProducerTim Zinnemann
Key actors/ performersPeter Strauss

Richard Lawson

WinsEmmy Awards- 1979 (Film editing, lead actor, writing)

American Cinema Editors- 1980 (Best editing)

Directors Guild Of America- 1980 (Best Direction)

NominationsEmmy Awards- 1979 (Best Drama)

Saint Ralph

Saint RalphThis Canadian movie depicts the struggle of a 14-year old kid, Ralph Walker. He loses his father in the war and has to deal with his mother physical condition. He is a troublemaker in the school, and his stern head teacher drives him to join the cross country team. At the point when Ralph’s mom falls into a coma, doctors have said that it will take a miracle for her to endure. On the other hand running mentor, Father Hibbert claims it would be a miracle if any of his students won the Boston Marathon. In fact, Ralph chooses to prepare for it in the expectation his triumph would satisfy the miracle expected to spare his mom’s life.

Ralph takes to running. Thereafter, Father Hilbert perceives his ability and begins preparing him for the Boston Marathon. Although he faces a lot of barriers and goes on to participate in the Boston marathon. However, he finishes second, but it was enough to create a miracle.

The Takeaway for Runners

With a belief, the 14-year old boy went on making history. Self-confidence, determination, courage and a firm belief in what he has got under his belt. With the right direction, he made the impossible happened. The core line is very simple- anyone can make a miracle if they have the belief and determination.

Top Quotes

Quote#1: Most marathoners will tell you, around mile 20, they start praying for any kind of help they can get. (Father George Hibbert)

Quote#2: Father George Hibbert: The day I entered the seminary was the last day I ever ran.

Ralph Walker: Why?

Father George Hibbert: They told me Basilians don’t run. (pause)

Father George Hibbert: I should have joined the Jesuits.

Quote#3: Father George Hibbert: (as Ralph shows up for his first Cross Country workout) We run in Cross Country, Ralph… Run.

Ralph Walker: How in Christ did I ever end up here?

Father George Hibbert: I ask myself that every day.

Fast facts about the movie

Saint Ralph
Release Date11 September 2004 (Toronto International Film Festival)

8 April 2005

DirectorMichael McGowan
ProducerTeza Lawrence

Andrea Mann

Seaton McLean

Key actors/ performersAdam Butcher

Campbell Scott

WinsCanadian Screenwriting Award (Best Film)

Directors Guild of Canada Awards (Best Direction, Best team)

London Canadian Film Festival (Audience Award)

Paris Film Festival (Grand Prix Award)

Young Artist Award (Best Film)

NominationsGenie Award (Best picture, best lead actor, best supporting actor, best costume design)

Canadian Screenwriting Award (Best Cinematography)

Directors Guild of Canada Awards (Best production)

Young Artist Award (Leading young actor, supporting young actor)


The Long Run

The Long Run is a South African fictional movie. The drama centers around the track coach who wants to transform a rank amateur into a champion. Barry Bohmer is a failed track coach and one day he discovers the Namibian immigrant Christine. He saw her jogging, and soon he finds out the natural gifts and talents that Christine has. In fact, he wants her to win the grueling 54- mile Comrades Marathon.

The movie portrays the mission of training an amateur with no running experience. However, Bohmer makes it possible for preparing Christine for such a competitive athletic event.

The Takeaway for Runners

If you want to know more about the ultra-marathon experience, the movie is a must watch for you. Runners can also get the view of intense training and the process that can transform an amateur into a champion runner.

Fast facts about the movie

The Long Run
Release Date4 May 2001
DirectorJean Stewart
Key actors/ performersArmin Mueller-Stahl

Nthati Moshesh

Paterson Joseph


Forrest Gump

Forest GumpThis is a story of a very simple man, named Forrest Gump. Although he has a low I.Q. but his intentions are good. Forrest wanted to make it through life by running. He ran from the bullies, on the gridiron, through the forests of Vietnam and much more. He did a lot of things in life, and those things also gave him a lot of acclamation. However, when he thinks about her childhood sweetheart Jenny Curran, everything seems irrelevant.

Forest runs through the movie to follow his mother’s guideline to choose his destiny. Running makes him famous, but all he wanted to prove is that anyone can love anyone.

The Takeaway for Runners

Although categorically you can portray Forrest Gump as a running movie, still it does have various interpretations. Regardless of having a low I.Q. Forrest went on to be famous. He may not have a clue what he was doing. But, still, the stubbornness and determination gave him the things he achieved.

Top Quotes

Quote#1: Run, Forrest! Run! (Jenny Quran)

Quote#2: My momma always said, ‘Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.’ (Forrest Gump)

Quote#3: My Mama always said you’ve got to put the past behind you before you can move on. (Forrest Gump)

Quote#4: I don’t know if we each have a destiny, or if we’re all just floatin’ around accidental-like on a breeze, but I, I think maybe it’s both. Maybe both is happenin’ at the same time. I miss you, Jenny. If there’s anything, you need. I won’t be far away. (Forrest Gump)

Quote#5: Lieutenant Dan got me invested in some kind of fruit company. So then I got a call from him, saying we don’t have to worry about money no more. And I said that’s good! One less thing. (Forrest Gump referring to Apple Computer)

Fast facts about the movie

Forrest Gump
Release Date23 June 1994 (Los Angeles)

6 July 1994 (USA)

DirectorRobert Zemeckis
ProducerWendy Finerman

Steve Tisch

Steve Starkey

Key actors/ performersTom Hanks

Robin Wright

Gary Sinise

Mykelti Williamson

Sally Field

WinsAcademy Film Awards- 1995 (Best picture, best leading role, best director, best writing, best screenplay, best editing, best effects)

Golden Globe Awards- 1995 (Best director, best lead actor, best picture)

BAFTA Awards- 1995 (Best Special Effects)

Screen Actors Guild Awards- 1995 (Best lead actor)

And lot more

NominationsAcademy Film Awards- 1995 (Best actor in supporting role, best cinematography, best art direction, best sounds, best effects, best makeup, best music)

Golden Globe Awards- 1995 (Best actor in supporting role male & female, best screenplay, best original score)

BAFTA Awards- 1995 (Best actor, best-supporting actor –female, best screenplay, best cinematography, best editing, best film, best direction)

Screen Actors Guild Awards- 1995 (Best supporting actor- male & female)

Budget$55 million

Best Running Documentaries to watch

The lives of the legendary runners are full of stories, hardship, motivation, and frustration as well. Documentaries based on their lives have been inspiring runners throughout the world. Those biographical documentaries like The Takeaway for Runners, Spirit of the Marathon or the Marathon Boy helped them change their motivation for running. Look at my rundown for the best running documentaries to watch.

Run for Your Life (I) (H3)

Thinking back to the ’60s, the New York Road Runners Club was only a little gathering of men who kept running in the city of the Bronx. It took one unusual original Jewish migrant from Transylvania to transform the NYRR into the biggest association of its sort on the planet. Fred Lebow conveyed the sprinters to Central Park, where the principal New York City Marathon was held in 1970. By the following year, New York had 66% a larger number of sprinters than the Boston Marathon. Yet, that was the ideal begin for Lebow. Before ‘event marketing,’ when corporate sponsorship was in its early stages, Lebow was cutting arrangements, getting Playboy bunnies to race in the first women’s mini-marathon. Be that as it may, it was the 26-mile, five-borough marathon, first held in 1976 amid the city’s financial crisis that solidified Lebow’s inheritance.

However, Lebow utilized each chance, even the 1980 travel strike, to promote the advantages of running. As a matter of fact, Fred Lebow’s story is the account of the New York Marathon, a scrappy race around Central Park that advanced into a five-borough occasion that draws in a huge number of sprinters from around the globe.

The Takeaway for Runners

Fred Lebow’s love for running made him an iconic character. Runners may draw a lot of inspiration from this running documentary. In addition, Fred Lebow’s life can teach them on how to win the odds in life.

Fast facts about the documentary

Run for Your Life (I)
Release DateApril 2008 (Tribeca Film Festival- USA)

29 October 2008 (USA)

10 June 2009 (Biografilm Festival- Italy)

27 November 2009 (Warsaw Jewish Film Festival- Poland)

DirectorJudd Ehrlich
ProducerJudd Ehrlich
Key actors/ performersFred Lebow

Ed Koch

NominationsNew York Emmy Awards (Best Documentary)

Spirit of the Marathon

Spirit of marathonIt took almost four years for director Jon Dunham to complete this documentary film. The story of ‘Spirit of the Marathon’ concentrates on six runners who took part in the 2005 Chicago marathon. The runners are both amateur and elite athletes such as Paula Radcliffe, Daniel Njenga, and Dick Beardsley.

The makers filmed hours of footage on four continents. That included the training of the runners and also the running footages of the marathon. Jon Dunham perfectly captured the drama, emotion, and the passion of the 26.2m running event in this documentary.

The Takeaway for Runners

This inspirational documentary ‘Spirit of the Marathon’ will indeed give the runners the courage and motivation to take on their own running challenge.

Fast facts about the documentary

Spirit of the Marathon
Release Date5 October 2007 (Chicago International Film Festival)

24 January 2008 (USA)

DirectorJon Dunham
ProducerMark Jonathan Harris

Gwendolen Twist

Jon Dunham

Key actors/ performersDeena Kastor

Daniel Njenga

Jerry Meyers

Leah Caille

Loro O’Connor

Ryan Bradley

WinsChicago Independent Film Festival (Audience Choice)

Mammoth Film Festival (Best Picture)


Marathon Boy

Marathon Boy is a dynamic epic of Gemma Atwal. It is the story of a four-year-old boy Budhia. Biranchi Das is a judo coach. In addition, he operates an orphanage for slum children in the eastern Indian states of Orissa. Budhia showed an uncommon talent for a marathon. Therefore, Biranchi nurtures the gift to present him as the folk hero for the impoverished masses and for India as well. But, things begin to turn on Biranchi and his disciple Budhia, when the golden boy breaks down during a marathon. Media controversy and political scandal swept up like a maelstrom in their life.

Marathon Boy is the Dickensian story of corruption, greed, and broken dreams of a child and his mentor. It also portrays the bond between them.

The Takeaway for Runners

The touching portrait of a talented young boy as a marathon runner and his broken dreams can definitely melt the viewer’s heart. The runners may, however, get a glimpse of the dark side of people related to the marathon running.

Fast facts about the documentary

Marathon Boy
Release Date5 November 2010 (Sheffield International Documentary Festival)

19 November 2010 (IDFA Festival- Netherlands)

2 February 2011 (Göteborg International Film Festival- Sweden)

20 April 2011  (Tribeca Film Festival) (premiere) USA

29 April 2011  (San Francisco International Film Festival) USA

6 May 2011     (Planete Doc Review) Poland

27 June 2011   (Moscow Film Festival) Russia

10 July 2011    (Galway Film Fleadh) Ireland

15 October 2011 (New Hampshire Film Festival) USA

21 October 2011 (Santa Fe International Film Festival) USA

2 November 2011 (TV premiere) Netherlands

DirectorGema Atwal
ProducerGema Atwal

Matt Norman

Key actors/ performersNone
WinsLittle Rock Film Festival- 2011 (Best Documentary)

Sheffield International Documentary Festival- 2010

Sao Paulo International Film Festival- 2011

NominationsAsia Pacific Screen Awards- 2011

News & Documentary Emmy Awards- 2011

Tribeca Film Festival- 2011


Breaking 2

World’s three most elite distance runners received six months of scientifically advanced training. They go on a global trek to challenge the impossible and break the two-hour barrier. The documentary features their training in the wind tunnels and running labs in the United States. It also shows these pioneer’s day-to-day lives in eastern Africa and the final heart-pounding race in Italy.

The Takeaway for Runners

Runners will definitely get to learn a lot of things about running and training through this documentary.

Fast facts about the documentary

Breaking 2
Release Date20 September 2017
DirectorMartin Desmond Roe
ProducerKathlyn Horan
Key actors/ performersNone
NominationsSports Emmy Awards- 2018 (Best Editing)

Free to Run

Just fifty years ago, running was not as popular as today. People viewed it as the domain of elite male athletes. This documentary shows us the rise of distance running over the years. In addition, the director Pierre Morath tells us how the game came onto the streets from the stadium. As a matter of fact, this is the tale of legends like Fred Lebow, Steve Perfontaine, and Kathrine Switzer and how they redefined distance running as a populist phenomenon.

The Takeaway for Runners

The runners will learn how distance running developed over the years and how it came into today’s popular form. They also can learn about the life of the game’s legends.

Fast facts about the documentary

Free to Run
Release Date24 February 2016 (French speaking region)

15 March 2016 (Valenciennes Film Festival) France

13 April 2016 France

12 May 2016 Greece

13 May 2016   (Docs Against Gravity Film Festival) Poland

18 June 2016   (Sydney Film Festival) Australia

27 June 2016 (Transatlantyk Festival) Poland

15 July 2016 (internet) USA

15 July 2016 (limited) USA

17 July 2016 (New Zealand International Film Festival) New Zealand

6 September 2016- Lithuania

22 September 2016- Russia

4 October 2016- Slovenia

1 June 2017 Italy

DirectorPierre Morath
ProducerMarie Besson

Fabrice Esteve

Jean-Marc Froehle

Key actors/ performersJoe Henderson

George Hirsch

Fred Lebow

Katherine Switzer

NominationsSports Emmy Awards- 2018 (Best Editing)

Top Running Movies on Netflix

Top Running Movies on NetflixYou are living in the age of Netflix. The movies are just a click away from you. In recent years Netflix has become a great source for movies for the film buffs. Some running movies are available on Netflix. You can not only spell the word ‘some’ when they run the movies like I Am Bolt, Finding Traction or The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young. You can term them as one of the best. Here’s my rundown for the top running movies on Netflix.

I Am Bolt

As the name suggests, ‘I Am Bolt’ is a biographical documentary sports film. The film is based on the life of the Jamaican legend Usain Bolt. A sprinter who is recorded as the fastest man in the human history, Bolt went on winning Olympic gold medals. He is also the world record holder for 100m, 200m and 400m sprint.

The documentary portrays Bolt’s journey in the Olympics and his triumph on winning the titles.

The Takeaway for Runners 

The runner will learn a lot of thing about Usain Bolt’s life and his running through this documentary.

Fast facts about the movie (H4)

I Am Bolt
Release Date28 November 2016
DirectorBenjamin Turner

Gabe Turner

ProducerLeo Pearlman
Key actors/ performersUsain Bolt

Serena Williams

Asafa Powell


Ziggy Marley

WinsGolden Trailer Awards- 2017 (Best Foreign Documentary Trailer)
NominationsGolden Trailer Awards- 2017 (Best Foreign TV spot)

Music+Sound Awards, International- 2017 (Feature Film Score)


Finding Traction

Finding TractionFinding Traction exhibits the uplifting story of ultra-runner Nikki Kimball’s mission to end up the quickest individual in history to run America’s oldest hiking trail, the 273-mile Long Trail. Through Nikki’s unfathomable voyage, hurtling towards fantasy and against time, we gain another point of view on what we all share in terms of endurance and the human spirit.

The Takeaway for Runners

This documentary portrays Kimball’s sacrifices, amazing courage, and personal hardships in a descriptive manner. It will indeed motivate you whether you are a runner or not.

Fast facts about the movie

Finding Traction
Release DateNovember 2014
DirectorJaime Jacobsen

Charles Dye

ProducerJamie Jacobsen
Key actors/ performersNone
WinsGolden Trailer Awards- 2017 (Best Foreign Documentary Trailer)


Long-distance running permitted Wesley Korir to get away from the pounding destitution of Kenya. In any case, in the wake of winning numerous American marathons, including taking running’s most appreciated prize – the Boston Marathon. However, he risks everything and returns home to help his kindred Kenyans make better lives for themselves.

It appears to be the most challenging task of his career. Wesley goes up against an all-around financed, big party candidate to keep running for a seat in Kenyan parliament. As you can see, he had no intention to run for himself; he ran to change the state of the people of his country.

The Takeaway for Runners

Wesley Korir is a legend of the long-distance running. Runners can know a lot of things from this documentary. They also can learn a few things from his life.

Fast facts about the movie

Release DateNovember 2014
DirectorMichael Del Monte

Tad Munnings

ProducerMichael Del Monte

Tad Munnings

Scott Kerry Montgomery

Key actors/ performersWesley Korir
NominationsWinnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival- 2015 (Best Documentary- Grand Jury Prize)

4-Minute Mile

The story focuses on the life of a disappointed boy living on the wrong side of the tracks. He is desperate to get out of his situation. In this process, he met with an old reclusive track coach. He is angry at the world. And he has no purpose in life. After that, they structure a bond between themselves. The two are compelled to confront their conditions as they race to spare one another and, at last, themselves.

The Takeaway for Runners

The epic relation between the coach and the runner is the main tale of the story. In addition, the film focuses on the struggle they make to reach their destined goal. Runners can learn a few inspiring things from this movie.

Fast facts about the movie

4-Minute Mile
Release Date5 June 2014 (Seattle International Film Festival), USA

1 August 2014            (DVD premiere), USA

1 August 2014            (internet), USA

24 June 2015 (internet), Sweden



ProducerHoward Burd

Mark DiSalle

Deborah Moore

Jennifer Reibman

Micah Sparks

Key actors/ performersKelly Blatz

Richard Jenkins

Kim Basinger

Cam Gigandet


The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young

The Barkley MarathonsThrilling, captivating, and entertaining are what we can say about the documentary ‘The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young.’ This documentary is based on an infamous prison escape. There were only 10 finishers in this grueling marathon over the last 25 years. This is one of the challenging and thrilling graces in the world.

The Takeaway for Runners

This documentary will captivate the viewers throughout the time. Especially, the runners will be glued to their treadmill while knowing about this toughest marathon in the world.

Fast facts about the movie

The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young
Release Date26 October 2014 (Austin Film Festival), USA

16 April 2015 (Kansas City FilmFest), USA

18 April 2015  (Reel Wild: The Kiwi Trail Running Film Festival), New Zealand

19 April 2015  (Nashville Film Festival), USA

8 December 2015 (Los Angeles, California), USA

1 October 2016 (internet), Netherlands

2 October 2016 (internet), Belgium

DirectorAnnika Iltis

Timothy James Kane

ProducerAnnika Iltis

Timothy James Kane

Key actors/ performersLazarus Lake
WinsAustin Film Festival- 2014 (Documentary Feature- Audience Award)

Kansas Film Festival- 2015 (Heartland- Best Documentary)

NominationsHot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival- 2015 (Best Documentary- Audience Award)

Nashville Film Festival- 2015 (Documentary Competition- Grand Jury Prize)


Conclusion (H3)

Movies are the portrayals of our real life. These reel life features can indeed make some huge differences in our life. Especially, the above discussed running movies can be a great source of inspiration for the runners and the athletes. If you are not among them, don’t worry. The captivating stories, the thrills and the jaw-dropping moments of those movies can really be a treat for movie lovers. In addition, the dialogues or the interactions between the characters can sometimes make you laugh like a kid. These are our ultimate list of best running movies and documentaries. The number may not satisfy you, but you will definitely get some best experiences, I guarantee!


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